Estée Lauder PowerFoil Mask

I’m a skincare enthusiast, as most of you may already know. And I (usually) have no problem splashing out on new skincare products, which is why I thought I’d try out the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery PowerFoil Mask. That’s a mouthful. I bought this a while back, but at £16 for only one face mask I couldn’t bring myself to use it… I wanted to wait until the ‘right moment’. Silly, I know.


So when it eventually came to that ‘right moment’ (you know, super cosy and relaxed on a Sunday night) I decided to make a note of my thoughts to share with you guys.

I did kind of expect it to feel like putting tinfoil on my face, and in some ways I wasn’t wrong. It is actually foil, I’m still not sure what it is supposed to do for your skin, so if anyone knows please do let me know. The mask is basically a double dose of Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Serum, which I have used and love, I mentioned that here.

My skin beforehand was the same as usual (normal-dry), but I did have quite a few breakouts. I had high hopes that these would magically disappear after using this (spoiler, they didn’t!). The mask sticks on well, and feels oh so cooling. But after five minutes I was completely done with it on my face, it feels very uncomfortable. Still, I stuck on in there and kept it on for the recommended ten minutes.


After peeling it off there was A LOT of excess product which I massaged in, and when I picked up the sachet to bin it, that still had quite a bit of the serum left in it too. So instead of binning it, I rolled the sachet up and saved it to use over the next couple of days. It was £16 after all! My skin felt super super super hydrated afterwards, so much so that I skipped out on my night cream, however I expected to see better results by the morning. Unfortunately, I didn’t. My skin was the same as ever! I feel as if the whole mask idea is a bit pointless, as it is basically just an intensive serum. The thought of people actually forking out on one of theseéé to use once a week (thats what they recommend) is just crazy! Is it worth it? No, not really. Will I repurchase, even as a treat? Hmmm, still no.

Have you tried this mask before? Do you feel the same as me? Let me know of any cheaper but similar alternatives!

Georgia x


Battle of the Tubing Mascara


“What is tubing mascara?” I hear you say. Honestly, if you don’t know, don’t worry. Even the girl on the Estée Lauder counter had no idea what I was talking about. I’m not going to get too technical, but basically the mascara wraps around each individual eyelash and
creates a ‘tube’. You can actually see these little tubes slide off when removing the mascara. Pretty cool! The whole tube thing means that it doesn’t budge, which means no panda eyes. HURRAY.

Now, I will say that most tubing mascara aren’t actually called that (apart from the L’Oreal one), how to make our lives difficult eh? So you kinda have to trust the internet with this one. Looking at the directions of how to remove the mascara can be an indicator, as it will say something along the lines of “remove with warm water only, and wipe away with a cotton pad”.

Obviously I don’t own every tubing mascara ever made, but I thought I’d share with you the four that I have tried. And hopefully crown a winner.


The L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes mascara was the first tubing mascara that I tried, and obviously it’s great as it got the ball rolling and made me want to try more! For the price, £11.29, it’s not the cheapest drugstore mascara but it’s totally worth it. I must admit it doesn’t add lots of volume, but it definitely lengthens my lashes, so it just depends on what you look for in a mascara. The biggest flaw in this product, and the thing that stops me from reaching for it on a daily basis, is that you have to apply two steps. It’s a total pain in the bum, especially when I’m in a rush.



The King of mascara’s aka Clinique Lash Power. This mascara gives me everything. I do have to apply a few coats to get the volume I want, but this I don’t mind; It makes me lashes look fab-u-lous and seriously does not budge! At £19 it is pretty spendy, but that’s not going to stop me repurchasing. I wrote a whole post waffling on about it, so be sure to have a look.



Another drugstore pick, the NYX Doll Eye Mascara. This one comes in three different options (according to the Boots website anyway), volume, waterproof and long lash. I went for the volume one, and to be honest it is clumpy AF. I just couldn’t get on with it, and I’ve heard similar things from other people that have tried NYX mascaras. Definitely a miss for me, although it was only £9, so not too heartbreaking.



Estée Lauder have let me down with their Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara. SOB. They are probably my favourite makeup brand, and I love 99% of their products that I have tried, this just happens to fall in that 1% that I hate. I know, I know, hate is a strong word. It would probably be alright if I could actually get past the applying stage. Let me explain. It made my eyes stream, like tears all down my face. I tried so hard to use it because I really wanted to review it, but nope! I’m guessing that maybe I’m allergic to it? Who knows, but I’m highly tempted to return it and exchange it for something else. Oh, and it cost £21, which makes it a whole lot worse.


My winner would be the Clinique Lash Power, but I will be rekindling my love for the L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes tomorrow morning!


Have you tried any of these mascaras? Or any other tubing mascaras that I should try?

Georgia x

L’Oreal Pure Clay Review


I’m sure everyone has seen these face masks by now, they have created a bit of a buzz, and I can absolutely see why. There are three masks in the ‘Pure Clay’ range which all contain a blend of three clays, along with a unique ingredient. The range includes a Detox Mask which claims to detoxify and clarify your skin, a Purity Mask which claims to purify and mattify your skin and a Glow Mask which claims to brighten and exfoliate your skin.

I personally only picked up the Detox and Glow Mask. As the Purity Mask is made to mattify your face, and as someone with dry skin, it didn’t sound like it was for me. I have been using the two that I picked up for quite a while now, so I can give all of my honest thoughts, and I will admit that I have used the Detox Mask a whole lot more. Does this mean it’s my favourite out of the two? hmm…


This mask is a game changer for me. Honestly, the first time I used it I felt like i’d just been given a face lift (obviously I’m not actually aware of what that feels like haha). Whilst it is drying it makes your face very tight, very fast. So just be aware of that! The actual results of the mask are amazing, I noticed the most difference in the pores around my nose, it completely cleared them, and made my whole face feel so smooth. I won’t lie to you I was dubious of this product, I don’t tend to reach for drugstore skincare as my skin is extremely sensitive, and I assumed I would wake up the next day after using this with a face full of break outs. I was wrong, hurray! It did’t upset my skin at all, and my skin only seems to get better after every use.


My thoughts of the Glow Mask differ a little from the Detox Mask. The mask does make my skin feel soft, but I much prefer the results of the Detox Mask. I also didn’t notice much difference in my skin being any more “glowy”. The consistency of the mask is like those of a scrub, which means when applying it my natural instincts kicked in and I wanted to start scrubbing away. This does mean that when rinsing away the mask, you can move the product around in circular motions to get the most out of the exfoliation. For me this is the only bonus. I’m not necessarily saying that this is a bad face mask, but I definitely favour the Detox Mask more in that the Detox Mask does what it claims to do, and more! The Glow Mask for me just didn’t give me the wow factor and I doubt I will be repurchasing.

They retail at £7.99, however you can currently get them from Boots for £5. The glass jars are a nice touch, and give a luxury feel. And the smell of the masks is pretty pleasant. One thing I will mention is that they can get quite messy when washing them off, black sink alert!


Have you tried any of the masks from the range? Do we have similar thoughts?

Georgia x