10 Reasons I Love Autumn

I love autumn. I’m an autumn enthusiast. And this year is no different.

I have seen sooo many of these kind of posts, and to be honest, I bloody love them! So I thought to myself, why not do your own Georgia? SO HERE IT IS. Ten reasons autumn is my favourite season.




1) A berry lip. A pretty typical one, but seriously who doesn’t love a berry lippie? A dark autumnal lip makes me feel sassy as hell. Hello Charlotte Tilbury Glastonbury, my old friend.

2) All of the khaki, burgundy and mustard clothing. This colour palette is what dreams are made of, it all looks so great together.

3) Reflection on the year. For me, autumn is a great time to look back on the year and see what I have achieved. I think about all the things I said i’d do this year, and it gives me a kick up the bum.

4) Lush Snow Fairy. Okay okay, I know this is technically part of the christmas range, but it will be out SO soon. I’m going to buy 24 bottles. I only really discovered it last year, and if you haven’t yet either then get on it!

5) Buying people gifts. Yes, by this I mean christmas presents! I like to get ahead and start buying stuff pretty early on, and I love it. I love putting lots of thought into christmas gifts, even down to the gift wrapping theme. Life.

6) Being cosy. Getting home from work, running a bubble bath, getting into your pjs and then lighting your 17 spiced something-or-other candles, whilst grabbing yourself a hot chocolate and sticking your favourite show on Netflix.

7) Dark nights. I love when it’s dark outside (0r maybe it’s just that I hate the sun), but when It’s dark outside it just adds to that cosy feeling. (Although I do hate dark mornings, mainly because I can’t get my ass out of bed).

8) Baggy jumpers, jeans and ankle boots. Every single day.

9) Buying THAT coat. Does anyone else have a thing about finding THAT coat? That dream coat, the one that goes with everything and you can wear everyday? I usually spend months searching for it, and then find it in the January sales. Brill.

10) Leaves. Need I say anymore. That crunch.


What makes you excited for autumn?! Hopefully I’m not alone with some of these!

Georgia x



This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray

I don’t necessarily have issues with falling asleep, it’s more the state in which I am falling asleep in. I think i’ve mentioned before that I have a hectic life trying to balance everything, which means by the time I get into bed my mind is buzzing, and I often feel stressed. Especially when I start to think about allll of the things I need to do the next day!



I stumbled across This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray somewhere on the internet, and decided to give it a try. At £16 I was pretty dubious, but purchased it anyway.

Does it do what I want it to do? Yes. I few spritz of this over my pillow, and i’m completely calm. It is infused with lavender, vetivert and camomile which all work together to soothe the body and mind. Magic in a bottle.


As you can see in the photo above it has some big claims, which I wouldn’t totally agree with. Yes, my sleep is better, but I haven’t noticed a difference in falling asleep faster. I do feel more refreshed in the morning, but that is obviously linked back to having a better nights sleep! And would I recommend? Absolutely! Something about this product is different to other typical lavender sprays, and although it is pricey I reckon it is going to last me a while.

Remember guys and gals sleep is very important. It basically means you can function as a human being! And it definitely makes you more happy and healthy, so squeeze in those extra winks.


Speaking of sleep…

Georgia x



Lets talk tea

Recently I have been loving tea, but not the regular kind (in fact, I hate the regular kind). I have been loving herbal tea, and especially loving the benefits of it. My favourite range of tea is from M&S, they taste delicious and are only £1 a box!



So what are the benefits?

Green tea… Many people drink this for weight loss, as it increases fat burning. It is also known to speed up your metabolism, which naturally helps when trying to lose weight. It is also meant to help lower the risks of different types of cancer, alzheimer’s disease, parkinson’s disease and type two diabetes. Not only this, but it can actually make you smarter! It sounds too good to be true. Personally, I just love the taste, but it makes it a whole lot better knowing that my health may benefit from it. Continue reading

Lets be educated

This is going to be a lot of rambling, be warned. In a world that is ever changing it is so important that we educate ourselves, and especially take any opportunities of education that we get. I myself realised this a little too late. I completely flunked A-levels and ruined the chance of me going to university as planned, and although it is never too late, it is now extremely difficult.

I have recently enrolled on a Access to HE course through an online college, which will mean that I can continue to work full time. I already know how tough this is going to be (lets not forget that i’m also trying to give the whole blogging thing a shot too). I’m doing it so that university is still an option for me, and because I feel like it would be a great achievement to say that I made it.

However that isn’t necessary the only kind of education I mean when i say “lets be educated”. If we think about it, we could all gain a little bit more knowledge each day, without even trying too hard. Lets make use of our resources. The majority of us have pretty easy access to the internet, so head over to a news page or research a new topic. The internet is buzzing with information. Again, the same with TV’s, the news is so easily available. Read more, libraries are free and you could fill your brain with so much new information. These days we take these things for granted, myself included. So I have decided to make a little mid-year resolution (even though its way past the middle of the year!) to educate myself more, and make use of whats available to me.

We’ll see how it goes, my life is already chaos, trying to squeeze everything in. So maybe I’ll have to schedule watching the news into my new bullet journal!


I hope this has inspired you in some way or another! Let me know how you keep up to date with the world?

Georgia x

Jump In Warwick

So on Saturday I visited a place called Jump In to celebrate my brothers twelth birthday, so naturally I thought it would be a nice idea to do a little review type post, and basically tell you all about how fun it was.

For those of you who have no idea what Jump In even is, it is basically a massive trampoline ‘arena’, as they call it, as well as foam pits and all that good stuff. Check out their website here.


As you can see there are lots of colourful lights all over the arena, there is also great music playing, both of which really do create a general buzz. It is pretty loud and this is mainly due to the amount of children in one area, so bare that in mind. And as there are so many people bouncing around (literally) it is hard to actually spot the people you are with, so matching coloured tops would not be a bad idea. Continue reading

Tips for positivity

I think it’s hard to always have positive vibes, especially when we live in a world with such negativity. But it’s important that we try, because at the end of the day our own positivity goes hand in hand with our own happiness.

For so long I was miserable, I didn’t have anything to focus on or look forward too. So, one day, not so long a go actually, I decided to change that. I made a list of things I dislike about my life (remember, hate is a strong word) and from that moment I promised myself that I would stop doing those things. And then I made a list of things that I love about my life, and I made a promise to myself to do those things more/appreciate those things more. That was just the start…

In no way am I an expert on this topic, but here are some things that have helped me get out of the rut I was living in:

Set goals… It’s important to have things to focus on in life, start a new hobby, enrol in a new evening class, whatever it may be. For me this step involved making a list (what a surprise), I made a list of all the things I want to do by the end of 2016. Blogging is one of them, and here I am… Continue reading

A big warm welcome

So this is my first post, hurray! However it is more of an introduction to my blog, and to tell you a little more about me.

I’m Georgia, a nineteen year old from Coventry, in the West Midlands. I currently work in pharmacy and I find my job very dull, which is why I thought blogging would give me something fun to focus on. Continue reading