NYX haul

Oops I tripped and fell head first into the NYX counter. Sorry bank account.

I have been using NYX products for quite a while now, even before they were available in the UK I was ordering them from the States. They’re a great brand, both affordable and brilliant quality. So it couldn’t harm trying out a few more of their products, could it?


This is everything I purchased and I’m pretty impressed that all of this only came to £67.50. I actually get Boots employee discount (which is where you can buy NYX over here in the UK) so you should all appreciate that I have to work out or look up all of the prices without that discount. Hard life, eh.

Lets split this up into face, eyes and lips shall we…



For the face I picked up a High Definition Blush in the shade Pink the Town. I don’t own any coral blushes, so i’m hoping I will like this one, and won’t end up looking like a satsuma. I also picked up the Illuminating Bronzer in Narcissistic, it looks very orange in the photo above (I will end up looking like a satsuma at this rate) but when swatched it gives a gorgeous golden shimmer.

I knew I wanted to try out one of their foundations, so I went for this Mineral Stick Foundation, as I have also been eager to try out stick foundations in general. I’m really not sure of the colour match, but I am hoping for great things. I also grabbed a HD Concealer. I already own this concealer in the shade Green, which I use for colour correcting, and I love love love the formula of it, so i’m sure this one will be no different.



These eye products are probably what i’m most excited about! I picked up three eyeshadows, the first one is a Hot Singles Eye Shadow in the shade Stiletto. This seems like a pretty standard matte eyeshadow, but I thought the shade would be perfect as a transition colour. I also bought two Prismatic Eye Shadows, in the shades Blue Jeans and Fireball. Just from swatching I can tell the pigmentation is going to be insane! Blue Jeans is giving me all of the Frozen Elsa vibes.

A Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk also made its way into my basket. I see a lot of people using this as an eyeshadow base, to intensify and make shadows stand out more, so I thought I would give it a whirl. I also picked up a Felt Tip Liner in Dark Brown. I seem to always be on the hunt for a perfect eyeliner, don’t let me down NYX.


I THINK I HAVE FOUND MY PERFECT NUDE. No, but seriously! I will admit that I have already worn this, and I think all of my nude lipstick dreams have come true. I already own a few of the Soft Matte Lip Creams so I knew that I would’t be disappointed in this one, which is in the shade London. As for the Retractable Lip Liner in Natural (yes it’s retractable, yay) I wasn’t so impressed. However, I will continue to try it out…

In a few weeks I think I will do an update post, to let you know my thoughts on each of these products. Let me know if you’d like to see that! What are your favourite NYX products that I should run and buy?

Georgia x



11 thoughts on “NYX haul

  1. I love love love NYX! The Prismatic eyeshadows look insane, I really want to pick a couple up! The reddish one looks like my cup of tea *heart eye emoji* I really enjoy the HD concealer – the lasting power on it is insane. I have mine in a shade too light though (I bought it back when there was a NYX UK website so I wasn’t able to swatch any and just guessed!) so it’s more of a highlighter than a concealer – I want to get one that will match me properly tho!


    • You definitley should, the pigmentation is insane! Ah I hate having to order make up online, a girl needs to swatch! Hopefully you have a boots near you that has a counter?
      Georgia x


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