Lets talk tea

Recently I have been loving tea, but not the regular kind (in fact, I hate the regular kind). I have been loving herbal tea, and especially loving the benefits of it. My favourite range of tea is from M&S, they taste delicious and are only £1 a box!



So what are the benefits?

Green tea… Many people drink this for weight loss, as it increases fat burning. It is also known to speed up your metabolism, which naturally helps when trying to lose weight. It is also meant to help lower the risks of different types of cancer, alzheimer’s disease, parkinson’s disease and type two diabetes. Not only this, but it can actually make you smarter! It sounds too good to be true. Personally, I just love the taste, but it makes it a whole lot better knowing that my health may benefit from it.

Peppermint tea… For me, peppermint tea is the most refreshing. I have a cup first thing in the morning to really wake me up. It is great for digestive health and to soothe stomach problems, such as IBS and constipation. It can also relieve sickness and fever, so the next time you are ill stock up on this to give your immune system a boost back into good health.

Camomile tea… I feel sleepy just thinking about this… Zzzz. Camomile tea is known for its calming properties, which is why it is perfect for bedtime drinking. It is also caffeine free! It can help combat anxiety, as it is a natural stress reliever and nerve relaxant. Add it in to your daily routine to see the benefits of this. It is also similar to peppermint tea in that it helps maintain a healthy tummy.


I think this is my favourite!

Now to go and stick the kettle on! Which is your favourite tea?

Georgia x


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