Lets be educated

This is going to be a lot of rambling, be warned. In a world that is ever changing it is so important that we educate ourselves, and especially take any opportunities of education that we get. I myself realised this a little too late. I completely flunked A-levels and ruined the chance of me going to university as planned, and although it is never too late, it is now extremely difficult.

I have recently enrolled on a Access to HE course through an online college, which will mean that I can continue to work full time. I already know how toughΒ this is going to be (lets not forget that i’m also trying to give the whole blogging thing a shot too). I’m doing it so that university is still an option for me, and because I feel like it would be a great achievement to say that I made it.

However that isn’t necessary the only kind of education I mean when i say “lets be educated”. If we think about it, we could all gain a little bit more knowledge each day, without even trying too hard. Lets make use of our resources. The majority of us have pretty easy access to the internet, so head over to a news page or research a new topic. The internet is buzzing with information. Again, the same with TV’s, the news is so easily available. Read more, libraries are free and you could fill your brain with so much new information. These days we take these things for granted, myself included. So I have decided to make a little mid-year resolution (even though its way past the middle of the year!) to educate myself more, and make use of whats available to me.

We’ll see how it goes, my life is already chaos, trying to squeeze everything in. So maybe I’ll have to schedule watching the news into my new bullet journal!


I hope this has inspired you in some way or another! Let me know how you keep up to date with the world?

Georgia x

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