The Body Shop haul

I had no intentions of doing a The Body Shop haul at all. However I couldn’t resist when I popped in on my lunch break to pick up my usual face wash, and saw that they had a sale. My basket quickly filled with lots of goodies, some which are repurchases and some I will be trying for the first time.


Left to right: Glazed apple shower gel, Vitamin E moisture/night cream and Tea tree facial wash.

The top four items are all things that I am repurchasing. I picked up three bottles of the Glazed Apple Shower gel, purely because it smells divine! I’m pretty sure this was a part of the christmas range, as I remember I stocked up on it during there Boxing Day sale as well! At £2 each I couldn’t say no.

The Vitamin E moisture and nourishing night cream are both the moisturisers that I use daily, as I find they work great with my dry skin. I especially love the night cream as it is so thick, and I really feel like it absorbs into my skin overnight. The Body Shop are repackaging all of there products, and I believe that this is why they were reduced. The day cream (moisture cream) retails at £12 and I grabbed this for £7.20. And the night cream retails at £13, and I got it for £7.80. Yay for savings.

And the last thing I repurchased was the Tea Tree facial wash, the thing I originally popped in for. There’s not much to say about this really, I just feel like it does the job of cleaning my face before I go in and cleanse. Oh, and it helps make you feel awake when you wash your face in the morning! This wasn’t on sale, however I did pick up two as it was buy one get the second half price. It retails at £5.50, which really doesn’t break the bank.



Left to right: Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet, HONEYMANIA cream body scrub and Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment.

These are the new items I am eager to try, well, I have already tried the first item today. I am so so so impressed with the Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet. I picked this up purely because I am obsessed with the whole Vitamin E range, and the idea of a sorbet intrigued me. I asked the lovely lady that worked there some questions, and she said that it’s basically an alternative to my day cream, however it is lighter and has a cooling effect. She was not wrong. It kind of has a consistency of a serum, and it honestly sinks into your skin in seconds, which is perfect if you’re like me and you have not got time to wait in the mornings for your day cream to sink in before you use primer, foundation ect. It feels like a drink for your skin, and is so cooling, which is great for days like today! It also has a smell which reminds me of a holiday… weird. I picked this up for £7.80, original price is £13.

I love a body scrub! I also love honey scented things, so obviously the HONEYMANIA cream body scrub had to come home with me. It does what it says on the tin really. I find this body scrub to be very thick and creamy, so I don’t worry that it will be rough on my sensitive skin. It only cost me £6.50, I already can’t wait to use it.

And lastly, the Seaweed Clarifying Night Treatment, which is basically a serum. Honestly, I’m not even sure why I bought this. Probably because it was only £1.50. And because I love anything miniature. It says it is best for combination/oily skin, which my skin is definitely not. It may come in handy for when my skin has an off couple of days, and does become slightly oily. Who knows, I may love it.



Check out there website to see if you can snatch up any goodies for yourself.

A pretty successful trip if you ask me! Have you purchased any skincare goodies recently that I should know about?!


Georgia x


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