Kylie lip kit review

As I recently received my Kylie Lip Kits in the post (well, I actually had to go and collect them, stupid customs charge), I thought it would be perfect for me to review them as my first official blog post.IMG_1935

The excitment was real when I eventually managed to order some of the Kylie Lip Kits, so i splurged and ordered three shades; Posie K, Mary Jo K and 22. I say splurged, however the price of them isn’t too bad at all. They retail at $29, which for us UK girls is £22.25 (at the time I write this), which I think is pretty decent, considering you not only get a liquid lipstick, you also get a lipliner thrown in too. What I did mind paying was the $14.95 (£11.47) shipping fee, however I eventually got over this… to then find I had a customs charge note waiting for me when I got home one day, for £19.91! Maybe its just me, but I hate paying for shipping, especially when you’ve spent a fair bit already. This meant that in total I spent £98.13 on three beautiful lip products.

By beautiful I mean; even the box they came in was pretty, although mine was a little squished. The aFullSizeRender[1]ctual liquid lipsticks look and feel expensive, although I don’t feel the exact same about the lipliners. Maybe I’m not loving them as much because I would normally only reach
for a retractable lipliner, and these unfortunately are not. This doesn’t mean to say that they aren’t amazing! The pigmentation and formula is incredible, and they are easy to line your lips as they do not drag.
Speaking of pigmentation, the liquid lipsticks are on a whole new level. They apply pretty easy too, as long as you wipe the wand against the inside of the tube to get rid of any excess, otherwise it could quickly turn into a liquidy mess. So I find its best to start with the smallest amount of product, and apply sparingly.
One thing to keep in mind with these, is that they are very matte and they dry almost instantly. They definitely require you to prep your lips so they can feel even slightly comfortable. This for me is the biggest downfall, but I am hoping after lots of wear I will get used to them.


Top to Bottom: Mary Jo K, 22 and Posie K.

My favourite shade out of the three has to be 22. It is a beautiful burnt orange, and I know it will be getting a lot of love during the autumn months. Mary Jo K is also a hit, I think this may be the perfect red, so well done Kylie! And of course Posie K is a pretty mauve pink for everyday wear.

Oh, and I couldn’t not mention the smell! They literally smell of vanilla cupcakes. Obsessed.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Georgia x


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